Our laser equipment is widely used in

textile, leather, shoemaking, advertising, gifts, electronics, packaging, metals and other industries.

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Craftwork industry
The laser engraving machine is used for bamboo and wood products, small gifts, acrylic products.
The laser engraving machine is characterized by flexibility, small kerfs-loss, non-touch processing, little deformation, no follow-up processing and more. It is widely used for bamboo ware and wood planks.

Bamboo& wood art and craft engraving

Column engraving

Wood marking

Musical instrument and other huge object engraving

Column object engraving

Non-woven fabric cutting

Acrylic,jade & marble engraving

Paper hollowing
Craftwork Laser Engraving Machine, R Series Advertising Laser Engraving Machine, X Series Laser Engraving Machine, U Series
Advertising industry
Our laser cutting machine is applicable to sign and wooden case.
Our laser cutting machine is characterized by high precision, smooth cutting, and high working efficiency as well as low cost. It is regularly suitable for inlaid logo making, double color boards and acrylic engraving, etc.

Wooden signboard&box engraving

Double-color signboard engraving&cutting

Thick acrylic cutting

Cylinder object engraving such as brush pen,cup&wood vase
Laser Cutting Machine, CF Series Board Laser Cutting Machine, BF Series Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine, CM Series
Garment and textile industry
The laser cutting machine is applied to clothing pieces, trademarks, denim fabric printing, nonwoven products.
The laser cutting machine adopts the laser cutting technique, which ensures smooth cutting, automatic edge sealing, and compact setting type. It is especially suitable for processing intricate pattern and specific material cloth.

Ski suit cutting

Clothes cutting

Jeans marking

Special textile cutting

Iron drilling template & paper product cutting

Label cutting

Fastener marking

Textile Laser Cutting Machine,BLC Series Shoe Leather and Cloth Mass Manufacturing Solution , FLC Series Shoe Leather and Cloth Mass Manufacturing Solution , MLC1616 Automatic Locating Laser Trademark Cutting MachineManual Locating Laser Trademark Cutting Machine Large Format Laser Marking Machine
Leather industry
Laser marking machine can mark letters or graphics on the surface of shoes and leather.
The laser marking machine can quickly hollow and mark various patterns on the surface of leather. It is easy to operate, and won't deform the leather. In addition, the machine features high precision and smoothing cutting. It is widely used for shoes, leather, bags, etc.

Shoe leather cutting

Shoe leather marking

Shoe leather cutting

Bag marking

Large format fur engraving
CO2 Laser Marking Machine 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Board Cutting
Laser cutting machine is applied to acrylics sheet, furniture board, models, templates, cutting dies.
Laser cutting machine is widely applied to panel cutting industry. Using our laser cutting machine, you can cut the acrylic sheet directly. There is no need to polish the acrylics sheet in advance. Moreover, it can cut acrylics sheet whose maximum thickness is 30mm. The machine is characterized by high cutting speed and smooth cutting. With it, you can cut any shapes, even intricate pattern.

Wood board cutting

Acrylic decoration shelf cutting

Acrylic cutting

Cutting dies

Furniture and density board cutting

Cutting dies

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine, G1325 Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Dies Board Laser Cutting Machine , BLC Series Large Format Board Laser Cutting Machine, BLC2030
Electronics Industry
The laser marking machine is used to mark letters or images on electronic products.
With the non-contact processing technology, the laser marking machine would not produce mechanical stress. As a result, our machine can mark on chips or electronic components, even they are very small.

Handset film cutting

Control panel cutting
High Precision Board Laser Cutting Machine, G90/G90 Smart
Metal products processing
The metal laser machine is used for metal marking and steel plate cutting.
The metal laser machine is applied to cut or mark on sheet metal, hardware, cars, precision machinery, and etc. It can be used for the plane cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, and other sheet metal, and is widely characterized by low material loss and smooth cutting plane. In addition, it runs more than 100 times as fast as the wire-cutting machine.

Metal cutting

Metal cutting

Laptop lid marking

Handset key

Metal marking

Metal marking

Metal card marking

Key chain marking
Metal Laser Cutting Machine Diode Pumped YAG Laser Marking Machine Lamp Pumped YAG Laser Marking Machine
Glass industry
sandblast techniques of the glass
Our glass laser engraving machine is especially suitable to cut large-format sandblast cover materials of glass surface. With strong load-bearing ability of working table, it could work on large process area. A roller working platform is equipped in the machine, which enables the materials to move freely on cutting work table.

Decoration glass

Decoration glass
Glass Laser Engraving Machine
Printing and packaging industry:
Designed with laser engrave system, the laser marking machine has good printing effects. Currently, corrugated case printing plate is widely replaced by laser engraving printing plate as a result of low cost and good effect.

Rubber, template and pad engraving & cutting
Laser Cutting Machine, CF Series
Seal engraving business
The laser stamp engraving machine is suitable for photosensitive seals and stamp sample series.
Our laser stamp engraving machine greatly simplifies the process of seal engraving. You just need to set graphics or characters in type using the computer, and adjust the output, and then the machine could engrave a stamp for you. Our laser stamp engraving machine features accuracy placement, high working efficiency, etc, and is widely used for the engraving of non-metal materials.

Stamp sample

Stamp sample
Laser Stamp Engraving Machine

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